Saturday, January 24, 2009

All Who Don’t Believe are Evil

One of the reasons often given for not being able to use recognized experts by the Truth Movement is the next fallacy: All who don’t believe are evil. Anyone that does not agree with the 911 Truth Movement is seen to be either ignorant or in some way compromised by the government. The absurd lengths that Truth Movement zealots will to is indicated by the fact that left wing paragons such as Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman have been accused by Truth Movement adherants to be under the control of the government. In Chomsky’s case the fact that he is a professor at MIT, a school with ties to the CIA, is offered as proof that Chomsky himself is under control of the CIA. If that is the case I wish we could get the CIA to sponsor more people like him.

Amy Goodman is a progressive journalist affiliated with the Pacifica network. Goodman’s Democracy Now! program is quite probably the leading alternative source of news for left wing progressives. Since Democracy Now! gets a small amount of money from the Ford Foundation, Webster Griffin Tarpley has accused her of being in the tank for the Government.

I’ve used a couple of left wing examples to show the lengths that the Truth Movement will go to in order to bend reality to their preconceived model. However, most of their invective is usually used against members of the military and the US government. Anyone who is in any way associated with the military or government is automatically assumed to be corrupt and untrustworthy. This is a requirement for most of the conspiracy theories since they involve hundreds and in some cases potentially thousands of participants of the military industrial complex in order to plant and detonate controlled explosives, fake documentaries, launch and control missiles and autonomous vehicles, etc. In order for these theories to work we must assume that all the participants are either mindless drones who will do whatever their superiors tell them or inherently evil with no sense of guilt for causing the deaths of thousands of their fellow citizens.

In the real world, most members of the military and government (I’m talking here about rank and file soldiers, agents, bureacrats not the leaders at the top), regardless of their political affiliation, are patriotic and would not be part of a conspiracy to attack it.

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