Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Fog of War

In “ On The War In Iraq”. Noam Chomsky says: “Even in controlled scientific experiments one finds all sorts of unexplained phenomena, strange coincidences, loose ends, apparent contradictions, etc. Read the letters in technical science journals and you'll find plenty of samples. In real world situations, chaos is overwhelming, and these will mount to the sky.” What Chomsky describes as the common chaos that can be found in controlled experiments applies even more so to catastrophic events such as 911. In the military this is known as “the fog of war”. During and after a battle, it is virtually impossible to get consistent views of what is happening. Yet there are thousands of pages written by Truth Movement advocates that argue over the most trivial comments or actions that don’t make complete sense and hence are seen as an indication of the underlying conspiracy. For example: events that are recorded as happening at slightly different times in different official records, people reporting explosions when the official story says no explosions occurred, the fact that certain events were or were not filmed,... Minor inconsistencies, facts, and lack of facts are given the most conspiratorial implication possible without considering alternative explanations such as people’s memories, stress, and the desire for people to put themselves in as positive a light as possible.

The following is an example from a YouTube video taken by a crew making a documentary about NY fireman on 911. The author claims that the video was staged and supports this by noting the following inconsistencies:

naudetsleuth (1 week ago)
2:53 - 2:55. Pfeifer's [fire chief in the video] left hand literally does not know what his right hand is doing. As he exits the vehicle, his right hand starts to place a piece of equipment (walkie talkie?) on the dashboard. But then it's like OOPS THAT'S NOT WHAT MY SCRIPT SAYS and his left hand immediately "corrects" his right hand. His left hand sneakily PALMS the equipment back INTO his possession INSTEAD of leaving it on the dashboard like his right hand started to do. SCRIPTED MOVIE, NOT AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTARY.

naudetsleuth (5 days ago)
You're talking about Chief Joseph Pfeifer, whom I sometimes call Perpfer. Yes I accuse him of being an accomplice to mass murder. But you are mistaken if you think anyone at his firehouse died. They were in on it, so they were all spared, every one of them. You should watch this whole movie sometime, then you would know that. I think most of them are just actors, from somewhere like CIA or FEMA. Narrator fireman Hanlon has an actual imdb resume, with two pre-S11 fireman roles on it!

6:54-7:38, plus further clips in later segments. Cameraman gets close-ups of several lobby firemen, apparently knowing they would die that day. See Item 15 @

Chief Joseph Pfeifer's brother Kevin helpfully wears name on jacket, unlike others, so we'll know which one he is. Joseph lyingly narrates that they said a few words as they looked at each other; footage shows no such thing. Then JP backpedals on his lie: "but it was more the look."

naudetsleuth (5 days ago)
6:00. Pretty-boy fireperp Damien Van Cleaf says how the plan and mood were that they would put the fire out -- after climbing 70 floors in full gear! Official FDNY version of story is that it was an evacuation mission, and let the fire burn itself out, as we actually see officers higher than Perpfer discussing elsewhere in the movie. But that gives lie to this business of sending ff's up. That would only make them get in the way of the 25K people coming down! Very contradictory storyline.

The fact that the camera focused on some firemen who later died is taken by Naudetsleuth to indicate that the entire documentary is a fake. The author never considers the possibility that the makers of the documentary edited the film and focused on the firemen who died. The fact that one fire fighter wears a name tag where as others do not is somehow significant. That the film makers chose an actor to do the narration also supports the theory. Naudetsleuth doesn’t consider that the film makers might have decided to take a bit of dramatic license.

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