Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Nature of False Flag Conspiracies

In the real world false flag conspiracies do exist. One example are the acts of terrorism (bombing and kidnapping) committed by the Italian Red Brigade which we now know were a CIA/NATO False Flag operations known as Operation Gladio. Other examples include the German Reichstag fire and the Algerian civil war death squads. In these and all false flag operations that I’m aware of, deniability is an essential requirement. Governments attempting to attack their own people are taking an incredible risk. They do not organize the large number of soldiers and civilian workers that would be required to use new untested space particle beam weapons, plant explosives in the most conspicuous sky scraper in the US, or produce documentaries. What they do is find some patsy organization that they can use by infiltrating an agent or two and feeding money. In Operation Gladio NATO didn’t engage DARPA to try out their latest weapons on Italian infrastructure. They had the CIA infiltrate a couple of agents and provided them with financing. In Algiers a handful of agents of the French intelligence agency disguised themselves as Islamist terrorists. If the Bush administration did sponsor 9/11 they would have used a similar technique, infiltrate or hire a few key agents in Al Queda and help them with money, passports, etc.

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